CarPro Descale: Revolutionize Your Ride with the Ultimate Ceramic Coating Reviver

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Revitalize and redefine your vehicle's aesthetics with CarPro Descale. This potent acidic car shampoo is designed to target ceramic coatings tarnished by mineral deposits, dirt, and grime, restoring their original splendor. Our cutting-edge formula amplifies the surface tension of your ceramic coating, enhancing water behavior and imparting a glossy, attention-grabbing finish. While not intended for everyday maintenance or use on waxes and sealants, CarPro Descale is an exceptional solution for periodic revitalization of various ceramic coatings, like Cquartz UK and SiC.

Areas of Use: Ideal for coated and non-coated vehicles, CarPro Descale is specifically formulated to synergize with ceramic products such as spray coatings and nano sealants. Perfect for targeted, intensive cleaning.

Recommendations for Use: Versatility defines CarPro Descale. Dilute according to contamination – 1:100 for bucket washing or 1:10 for foam sprayer use. For light grime, use as snow foam and rinse after dwelling without drying. For heavier contamination, wash panel-by-panel for maximum effect.

Warnings: Always conduct a patch test before full application. Avoid drying on the surface, keep away from children, and wear protective equipment during application. Store in a cool, dry place.

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