Coating Package (Koch Chemie NanoMagic Plast Care,Koch Chemie Protect Leather Care, Wax Applicator)

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Koch-Chemie NanoMagic Plast Care - 500ml: A groundbreaking solution for rejuvenating and protecting exterior plastic and rubber surfaces. It restores the original look and adds durable protection against environmental elements.

Koch-Chemie Protect Leather Care - 500ml: This premium emulsion is designed to nurture and revitalize leather, offering a renewed, sleek appearance while intensifying the rich scent of leather.

TopGloss UltraShield WaxMaster - Pack of 2: A 16.7cm blue wax applicator made with ultra-fine microfiber, providing a non-abrasive, tag-free application for a scratch-free finish. Ideal for applying pre-wax cleaners, polishes, or protectants.

Areas of Use and Recommendations for Use:

Koch-Chemie NanoMagic Plast Care : Perfect for vehicle trims, garden furniture, and outdoor equipment. Apply with a clean sponge, spread evenly, and allow to dry for best results.

Koch-Chemie Protect Leather Care: Suitable for all leather surfaces in car interiors, furniture, and accessories. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge on cleaned and dried leather surfaces.

TopGloss UltraShield WaxMaster: Designed for the automobile enthusiast, use it for applying various detailing products. Maintain a firm grip for even pressure and machine wash with mild detergent for upkeep.

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