Exterior Wash Package (Koch Chemie Autoshampoo As, Ultra-Cleanse Auto Wash Mitt, AquaCoral Hybrid Drying Towel)

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Koch Chemie Autoshampoo As - 1L: A high-quality car shampoo with anionic and non-ionic surfactants, providing a gentle yet thorough clean. Ideal for various washing setups, it's Phosphate and NTA-free and compliant with VDA Class A standards.

TopGloss Ultra-Cleanse Auto Mitt: A 29cm x 19cm, 100g blue and white mitt that offers high absorbency, excellent foam generation, and stellar contaminant removal, ensuring a meticulous clean and efficient drying.

TopGloss's AquaCoral Hybrid Drying Cloth - Pack of 3 (40x40cm x1 & 40x60cm x2): A 1000GSM premium cloth available in two sizes, made with plush coral fleece and micro braid patterns for extraordinary absorbency and dirt-removal efficiency, perfect for drying and cleaning vehicle exteriors.

Areas of Use and Recommendations for Use:

Koch Chemie Autoshampoo As: Suitable for gantry washing systems, home wash setups, and hand washing. Apply undiluted or diluted as recommended, ensuring not to let the shampoo dry on the vehicle.

TopGloss Ultra-Cleanse Auto Mitt: Ideal for lathering and spreading cleaning solutions, providing a deep clean for vehicle surfaces, and efficient drying. Pre-soak and rinse thoroughly after each use.

TopGloss's AquaCoral Hybrid Drying Cloth: Use for drying vehicle exteriors, cleaning glass, and lifting grime. Lay it flat over wet surfaces for rapid water removal and a streak-free finish

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