Koch Chemie ProtectorWax Pw: High-Gloss Protection for Your Vehicle

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Unleash a new era in vehicle care with Koch Chemie ProtectorWax Pw. This innovative conserving wax not only brings high-gloss shine but guarantees lasting protection with a captivating lotus effect. Formulated to bond with your vehicle's surface, it creates a resilient shield that repels water, resists scratches, and stands the test of time. Regular use protects rubber, plastic, and convertible fabric from fading and deterioration. More than just a wax, it's a valuable investment in preserving your vehicle's charm and value.

Areas of Use: Ideal for gantry washing systems, wash setups, self-service car washes, and foam guns. ProtectorWax Pw is your versatile solution for a radiant vehicle.

Recommendations for Use: Apply with a dosing pump, undiluted or diluted up to 1:2. Use 13-19 ml for hot/cold or foam wax, and 16-23 ml for premium wax. For manual application, mix 30ml ProtectorWax with 1l water and apply with a foam sprayer or pump dispenser.

Warnings: Store ProtectorWax properly, away from frost and excessive heat, to maintain its efficiency.

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