Koch Chemie Speed Glass Cleaner (750ml): Your Solution for Pristine Windows and Sleek Surfaces

Volume: 750ml
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Discover the crystal clarity of your windows with Koch-Chemie Speed Glass Cleaner. This ready-to-use solution is crafted for all smooth surfaces, from car windows to building facades. Eliminate stubborn dirt, including oil, grease, and insect remains with ease. Enjoy the quick, streak-free formula that ensures a speedy clean, leaving your glass gleaming like never before. Specialized gloss and smoothness additive amplify cleaning prowess, transforming your windows into a fresh and appealing vista. Delight in the gentle fragrance that remains after cleaning.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rapid action on resistant stains
  • Excellently removes oils, waxes, and water marks
  • Bestows your glass a smear-free, streak-free radiant finish

Recommendations for Use: Simply spray onto the glass surface and wipe with a dry cloth or cleaning paper. For more persistent stains, repeat as needed.

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