TopGloss CrystalClear Deluxe Waxing Towel: Unleash Superior Car Care

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Experience the pinnacle of car care with TopGloss CrystalClear Deluxe Waxing Towel. Engineered with ultra-fine 320 GSM microfiber and sized at 40cm x 40cm, this towel offers plush efficiency. Ideal for ceramic coatings, sealant eradication, and that perfect post-wax finish. Ensure a clean cloth for scratch-free use. Hand wash with gentle detergent for the best longevity. Make your car shine like never before!

Areas of Use:

  • Ceramic Coating: Ideal for the leveling and removal of all types of ceramic coatings, be it on paint, windshield, rims, or headlights.
  • Sealant Management: Makes sealant removal a breeze.
  • Ultimate Waxing Partner: Exclusively designed for post-waxing applications, ensuring a spotless, mirror-like finish.

Recommendations for Use:

  • Ensure the cloth is clean before each use to avoid any scratches.
  • Can be used either damp or dry, depending on the specific task.
  • After use, hand wash with mild detergent and let it air dry for best longevity.


  • Keep away from abrasive materials to preserve the fine microfiber.
  • Avoid using with harsh chemicals that might damage its integrity.
  • It's always wise to test on a small section of your car before full application.

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