Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Package (CarPro Iron X Lemon Surface Cleaner, BlueStreak Tyre Brush, Ergo-Flex Wheel Purifier Brush, ErgoGrip Wheel Brush, Precision Fiber Detailing Brush)

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CarPro Iron X Lemon Surface Cleaner - 500ml: A professional-grade iron particle remover with a lemon scent, perfect for deep cleaning vehicle paintwork and painted wheels. Its pH-neutral formula ensures safe use on a variety of surfaces.

TopGloss BlueStreak Tyre Brush: A robust 21cm x 6.5cm brush with PP bristles, designed for effective cleaning of tires, carpets, and floor mats, ensuring a thorough removal of dirt and stains.

TopGloss Ergo-Flex Wheel Purifier Brush: A flexible brush with premium fibers, ideal for reaching and cleaning all areas of wheels, rims, brakes, grilles, vents, and exhaust pipes.

TopGloss ErgoGrip Wheel Brush: An ultra-soft synthetic bristle brush, perfect for gentle yet comprehensive cleaning of wheels, rims, suspensions, fender liners, and undercarriage components.

TopGloss Precision Fiber Detailing Brush - Pack of 2: A professional-grade brush designed for intricate detailing, suitable for both interior and exterior use, ensuring every surface is immaculately cleaned.

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