CarPro CQuartz SiC Ceramic Coating: Ultimate Gloss & Protection for Vehicles

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Revitalize your vehicle with CarPro CQuartz SiC Ceramic Coating. This Silicon Carbide (SiC) based formula offers an extraordinary gloss that outshines traditional polymer and wax-based protectants. Not only a beauty treatment, this durable coating actively resists contamination, including chemicals, scratches, and road grime. With a unique "self-cleaning effect," or lotus effect, it repels water and dirt, keeping your car immaculate for longer.

Areas of Use: Ideal for bodywork, alloy wheels, and glass surfaces, it protects against brake dust, grime, and improves visibility in rain with hydrophobic properties.

Recommendations for Use: Clean with iron removers and a clay bar, use lubricant, conduct paint correction, apply in crisscross pattern, cure for 5-7 minutes, wipe off residue, and wait 45-60 minutes between coats.

Warnings: Use in a ventilated area, wear hand protection, avoid direct sunlight or hot surfaces, and dispose of applicators after use.

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