CarPro Inner QD: Antistatic & Antimicrobial Interior Quick Detailer for a Fresh, Elegant Finish

Volume: 500ml
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CarPro's Inner QD takes interior car care to new heights. This Interior Quick Detailer isn’t just a cleaning spray; it's a complete care solution with antistatic and antimicrobial properties. Designed to revitalize every surface, from leather to brushed aluminium, Inner QD erases fingerprints and dust, leaving a dry-to-touch satin appearance with a clean scent. Transform your vehicle’s cockpit into an inviting space that looks and feels luxurious.

Areas of Use: Inner QD’s application extends to:

  • Cockpit Domination: Shine every dial, button, and screen.
  • Leather Embrace: Enhance finished leather, vinyl, and more.
  • Material Mastery: Perfect for rubber, brushed aluminium, and chrome.

Recommendations for Use: Apply with a clean microfiber towel in circular motions. For optimal results, spread evenly and promptly.

Warnings: Don’t let the product sit too long before spreading for the best outcome.

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