CarPro Multi X All Purpose Cleaner: Unleash the Power of Deep, Versatile Cleaning for Your Vehicle

Volume: 500ml
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Introducing the CarPro Multi X All Purpose Cleaner - your versatile partner for spotless vehicle cleaning. Infused with superior cleaning power, this all-purpose cleaner can be custom diluted to tackle various cleaning tasks. From gently refreshing upholstery to scrubbing stubborn tire grime, it ensures safe and effective cleaning tailored to your vehicle's needs.

Areas of Use The CarPro Multi X is an all-in-one solution for automobile cleaning. It excels in diverse areas such as tire, engine bay, carpet, upholstery, exterior, and interior stain removal. Its foaming action delivers deep and thorough cleansing, restoring your vehicle's original shine.

Recommendations for Use Dilute CarPro Multi X to the right ratio for your task: General cleaning (1:20), high-pressure cleaning (1:10), cleaning pads (1:10 to 1:20), pre-wash (1:1 to 1:20), tires and engine bays (Neat to 1:10), streaks (Neat to 1:20), interior (1:20 to 1:30). Always perform a patch test to prevent surface damage.

Warnings Avoid using CarPro Multi X on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Don't ingest or spray on skin or eyes. Wear gloves and avoid using on anodized aluminum.

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