CarPro Reflect Finishing Polish: Achieve a High-Gloss, Jeweled Finish for Your Vehicle

Volume: 500ml
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Introducing CarPro Reflect, the finishing polish that guarantees a high-gloss, jeweled finish for your vehicle. Utilizing cutting-edge nano abrasives, it quickly eliminates holograms and light marring, providing a reflective shine that captures the eye.

Areas of Use: CarPro Reflect is versatile for both machine and hand polishing, making it ideal for removing fine swirls and enhancing the reflective index of paint. The silicone-free and wax-free formula ensures a smooth finish that’s compatible with future coatings or painting.

Recommendations for Use: Apply CarPro Reflect as directed, adjusting speed and pressure as abrasives break down. Wipe with a plush buffing cloth and proceed, cleaning the pad between sections. It's suitable for dual-action or rotary polishers, and hand polishing, delivering a no-dust finish and great value.

Warnings: Avoid hot surfaces or direct sunlight during application, and perform a patch test first to prevent potential damage.

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