CarPro Reset Shampoo: The Ultimate Maintenance Wash Solution

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CarPro Reset Shampoo, leading the way in car cleaning technology, uniquely blends nanotechnology with eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients. This pH-neutral formula ensures gentle yet deep cleansing, efficiently removing traffic film, dirt, and mineral deposits. Preserve your car's natural shine and feel without any residual traces.

Areas of Use:

Routine Cleaning: Perfect for daily maintenance, effortlessly removing road grime and stains.

Deep Purification: Ideal for silica-based coatings like CarPro CQuartz SiC, providing intensive cleansing.

Coating Maintenance: Regular use extends coating lifespan, preserving hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties.

Recommendations for Use:

  • Pre-treatment, correct dilution, a two-bucket method, top-to-bottom washing, stubborn stains treatment, and sun-avoidance are key to the best outcome.


  • Avoid drying on the vehicle and rinse thoroughly to retain shine and protection.

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