CarPro ReTyre: Revitalize Your Ride with Advanced Tire Cleaning & Conditioning

Volume: 1L
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Experience the brilliance of CarPro ReTyre, a specialized blend of cutting-edge technology and chemistry. More than just a cleaner, it's a rejuvenator for your vehicle's tires.

  • Deep Cleaning Action: High pH levels and foaming design strip road films, old tire dressings, and browning with unmatched ease.
  • Precise Application: Unique foaming formula for precision, minimizing wastage, and avoiding accidental contact with sensitive areas.
  • Surface Preparation: ReTyre doesn't just clean; it conditions, preparing the rubber for protective treatments like BlackOut, Perl, or your preferred sealant.

Areas of Use: Ideal for daily cars, luxury vehicles, or classic car restorations.

Recommendations & Warnings: Detailed instructions for pre-wash, application, agitation, and sealing. Always conduct a patch test and ensure proper storage and safety.

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