Exterior Wash Package (Koch Chemie GSF 1L, Koch Chemie GS 1L)

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Koch-Chemie Gentle Snow Foam GSF 1L: A high-foaming, pH-neutral cleaner with a pleasant cherry fragrance, suitable for pre-wash snow foam or manual car shampoo. It clings to surfaces, providing a lasting moist foam blanket, effectively and gently cleaning while being friendly to waxed or sealed surfaces.

Koch Chemie Green Star All Purpose Cleaner 1L: A highly concentrated, phosphate- and solvent-free multipurpose cleaner suitable for automotive exteriors and interiors, workshop floors, and industrial machinery. This alkaline cleaner offers excellent dirt and oil removal capabilities and is formulated with special corrosion inhibitors to ensure compatibility with sensitive materials.

Areas of Use and Recommendations for Use:

Koch-Chemie Gentle Snow Foam GSF 1L: Ideal for cleaning cars, motorcycles, campers, and more. Can be used as snow foam for pre-washing or for manual washing.

Koch Chemie Green Star All Purpose Cleaner 1L: Suitable for cleaning vehicle wheels, exteriors, interiors, and textiles, as well as workshop and industrial floors. Can be diluted in different ratios according to the cleaning task.

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