Koch Chemie Allround Quick Shine (500ml): The Multi-tasking Quick Detailer for a Brilliant Glossy Finish

Volume: 500ml
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Meet Koch Chemie Allround Quick Shine, your go-to Quick Detailer for versatile care! This multifunctional solution cleans, maintains, and preserves various smooth and painted surfaces like car paintwork, glass, plastics, and even furniture. Ideal as a dashboard enhancer or a post-wash shine booster, it easily transforms surfaces into a mirror-like glossy finish. Unlike other products, it carefully retains existing veneers or waxes, enhancing rather than replacing.

Areas of Use: Suitable for cars, home furniture, glass, plastics, and other smooth surfaces. Transform your world with a touch of Quick Shine.

Recommendations for Use: Spray sparingly and evenly on the surface, then buff to a perfect shine with a clean cloth. A little Quick Shine goes a long way.

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