Koch Chemie Reactive Rust Remover (500ml): Unleashing the Power Against Rust and Inorganic Pollutants. pH 7,5

Volume: 500ml
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Meet the Koch Chemie Reactive Rust Remover, your ultimate pH-neutral solution against stubborn rust and pollutants. Crafted with cutting-edge detergents and responsive agents, this product effortlessly removes superficial rust, metallic fragments, brake dust, and more. Though gentle on materials, it's a warrior against dirt. The specially designed formula allows extended contact, letting the reactive agents dissolve stubborn stains. Once the grime dissolves, it transforms into a brilliant violet hue, with specialized surfactants encapsulating the dirt for easy rinsing. Experience a cleaner that’s mild yet mighty.

Areas of Use: Ideal for painted surfaces, glass, and wheel rims of cars and commercial vehicles. Compatibility test recommended on sensitive surfaces like polished aluminum.

Recommendations for Use: Spray generously on the surface, allow it to work, then rinse off. Check compatibility on polished aluminum or other delicate surfaces.

Warnings: Avoid on hot surfaces. Do not let the product dry on the surface.

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