TopGloss Ultra-Cleanse Auto Wash Mitt: High Absorbency Mitt for Car Care

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Discover a revolution in car cleaning with TopGloss Ultra-Cleanse Auto Mitt. This 29cm x 19cm, 100g blue and white mitt, offers a trifecta of high absorbency, foam retention, and contaminant removal. It's your tool for a meticulous clean, efficient drying, and an all-around vibrant car care experience. Follow our recommendations for use and warnings to make the most of this indispensable car cleaning companion.


  1. High Absorbency: Thanks to its cotton-spandex blend, it drinks up moisture, ensuring your car dries faster.
  2. Exceptional Foam Generation: Unmatched foam retention for a bubblier, more effective wash.
  3. Stellar Contaminant Removal: The mitt's design and material assure an impeccable clean.
  4. Swift Drying: Faster drying post-wash to keep the mitt ready for subsequent uses.

Areas of use:

Tailored for:

  1. Lathering and spreading car cleaning solutions.
  2. Providing a meticulous clean for sprayed vehicle surfaces.
  3. Efficient post-wash drying.

Recommendations for use:

To achieve optimal performance:

  1. Pre-soak in water before applying car cleaning solutions.
  2. Wring out post-use to maintain durability.
  3. Rinse thoroughly after each wash session.

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