Shine & Shield Package (CarPro Spotless 2.0, DuoFiber Performance Towel)

TopGloss DuoFiber Performance Towel: Ultra-thick Microfiber for Supreme Car Care (Color): Blue
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CarPro Spotless 2.0 - 500ml: A specialized spray designed to combat persistent water spots and mineral blemishes on your vehicle’s finish. Ideal for clearcoat, brightwork trim, glass, and more, it not only cleans but also enhances the lifespan of CQuartz nanotechnology coatings.

TopGloss DuoFiber Performance Towel - Pack of 3: A 40cm x 40cm, 430 GSM dual-textured towel, perfect for a range of detailing tasks including water absorption, dusting, and waxing. The long plush fibers and short fibers work together to provide a lint-free shine.

Areas of Use and Recommendations for Use:

CarPro Spotless 2.0: Suitable for removing water spots from automotive surfaces. For best results, spray onto the affected area and wipe away with a microfiber cloth. A second application may be necessary for stubborn spots.

TopGloss DuoFiber Performance Towel: Excellent for drying, dusting, and applying or removing wax. Moisten slightly for maximum absorbency, and hand wash or machine wash with mild detergents for maintenance.

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