Tyre Cleaning Package (CARPRO Retyre 500ml, Tyre Brush)

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CarPro ReTyre 500ml: A professional-grade product that not only cleans but rejuvenates tyres. Its high pH value and foaming design easily strip away road films, old tire dressings, and browning.

TopGloss BlueStreak Tyre Brush: A 21cm x 6.5cm innovative tire brush with robust PP bristles, designed for deep cleaning tyre stains, and also suitable for carpets, floor mats, and durable upholstery.

Areas of Use and Recommendations for Use:

CarPro ReTyre 500ml: Suitable for all types of tyre. Follow detailed instructions for pre-wash, application, agitation, and sealing.

TopGloss BlueStreak Tyre Brush: Used for cleaning tyres, carpets, floor mats, and durable interior decorations. 

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