Coating Package (CarPro CQuartz SiC Ceramic Coating -30ml,CrystalClear Deluxe Waxing Towel)

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CarPro CQuartz SiC Ceramic Coating - 30ml: A Silicon Carbide (SiC) based formula that provides an extraordinary gloss and durable protection. It actively resists contamination, scratches, and road grime while exhibiting a self-cleaning effect to repel water and dirt.

TopGloss CrystalClear Deluxe Waxing Towel - Pack of 3: A high-quality, 320 GSM microfiber towel measuring 40cm x 40cm. It is ideal for the application and removal of ceramic coatings, sealants, and waxes, ensuring a spotless, mirror-like finish without causing scratches.

Areas of Use and Recommendations for Use:

CarPro CQuartz SiC Ceramic Coating: Best used on bodywork, alloy wheels, and glass surfaces for protection against brake dust, grime, and to enhance visibility in rain. Follow a thorough preparation process, apply in a crisscross pattern, and allow appropriate curing time.

TopGloss CrystalClear Deluxe Waxing Towel: Suitable for leveling and removing ceramic coatings on various surfaces, including paint and windshields. Use clean, either damp or dry, and hand wash after use to maintain its quality.

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